LIVE PAINTING – Fairmont Chateau Whistler “Trees of Hope” Fundraiser
November 19, 2016

SOLO SHOW – Mountain Galleries, Whistler  BC
Opens March 11, 2017


Shannon Ford with Red Colt


The Spirit of Animals, Inspired by Dreams.

Shannon Ford truly has her own distinctive manner and style. Her success as an award winning jeweler and sculptor for over 30 years has greatly influenced her works on canvas.The subtle impact that painting with her own handmade gemstone powders,  and incorporating cut gemstones, 24 Karat Gold and Palladium has on her work – has made Shannon one of “the most talked about artists – among artists” to come along in years!

Selecting the finest precious and semi-precious minerals available for her work is fast becoming one of Shannon’s best-known secrets.














Ranch Liferanchthumb


Thanks to my Collectors, and to the Galleries who Represent me, I have the opportunity to share my artwork with Art lovers around the world… Thank you From Shannon



Contemporary Artwork

Of The People and Animals who Inspire Me


I am Represented by Galleries Across Canada, I hope that I can help you to find the Artwork that you will Love to Live with.


















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    1. Shannon Ford

      Hi Courtney,
      Thank you for writing, and for your interest in collecting my artwork!
      Mountain Galleries has produced print of Grizzly in Pipestone #5, you can find out the availability if you send an email to or phone 604-935-1862, Liz, Sharon or Ben can help you…. here is the image:!SOLD-Grizzly%20in%20Pipestone%20#5/zoom/c186t/image_kpa I hope this helps… let me know if I can be of further assistance
      Thank you again, All my best, Shannon

  1. Sandy

    Hi Shannon,
    I was in Banff in December and saw your Grizzly in Pipestone #5 in the lobby of the Fairmont. I was so happy to see print #2 of the same painting in Mountain Galleries and promptly purchased it and had it shipped to Atlanta, Georgia. I absolutely love it. Last week I received the notice about your upcoming exhibit in Whistler. I was excited to see that you included polar bears in your wildlife collection and purchased pre-sale Polar Sky. I can’t wait to get it after the exhibit and am so excited to own one of your originals. You’re work is absolutely amazing. I just wanted you to know you have a fan for life in Georgia!!

    1. Shannon Ford

      Hi Sandy, Thank you so much for writing! Welcome to my Family of Collectors! I am happy to meet you and excited to know that you have a print of Grizzly in Pipestone #5, it is a wonderful one! And, Congratulations on collecting the Original Painting “Polar Sky”, it is such a beautiful painting, and yes, there is a certain something about Original Art. I hope these pieces bring you so much joy! Thank you for your support and for your enthusiasm for my paintings! I appreciate the time you have taken to find my website and to connect with me! I look forward to hearing from you again! All my best Shannon

  2. Annalynn

    Hi:) I’m interpreting your art in a piece for my art class. I was wondering how you picked your colours for your different paintings and what kind of things you want people to feel when they look at your art?

    1. Shannon Ford

      Nice to hear from you! I studied Colour Theory in Art College so I do have formal training in colour. I remember how demanding it was to learn to accurately mix colours, understanding the theory, the endless squares of colours, colours in colours etc..

      However.. at some point my own voice as an artist became strong and I developed confidence in my own unique sense of colour.

      Even now, It is a mystery to me how things happen with a painting. Every little colour chord affects the harmony of everything else in a painting … As I don’t plan out my paintings, every painting is a great adventure. While I paint I am in more of a “waking meditation” where my painting decisions are not thought out or planned.

      The cool thing is that even though I don’t think through my colour choices during the painting process… When I look at a completed painting, I can identify the colour theory after the fact.

      I hope this helps, Good luck with your report! Let me know if you would like more info. Shannon

  3. Honda

    Hello, I am the guy at Calgary Stampede and thank you so much for taking your time talking about your artwork and materials.

    Your painting is absolutely amazing. although there were bunch of great artists at the gallery, your booth was the best. I still remember the feeling when I saw one of your work “friendly filly”, I got stunned at there. I just couldn’t put it in a word to tell but I was so impressed by the colour scheme.

    hope to see you again! Aloha from HAWAII 🙂

    1. Shannon Ford

      Hi Honda,

      How nice to hear from you! Yes, I remember meeting you! Thank you for checking in and for the wonderful message.

      I am so totally happy to know that you are still remembering Friendly Filly! I am happy to have shared it with you! Yes, the colours on it were amazing.

      Please feel free to check back to see my new works!

      Say hi to the Dolphins and Whales from me!

      All my best

  4. Ken and Dora Davis

    Hi Shannon
    We’re from Kamloops but winter in Casa Grande Arizona, next door to Maurice and Jeanette Girard. I’m a mid level artist and no longer sell, but give away my paintings to friends and causes.
    This morning, Jeanette mentioned you so we googled your art and are sure amazed with your talent. I’m an old guy now and we lived in Nanaimo for years. Paint in the style of Dan Sawatzki, etc., but, for many years of experience, we can say that you sure impress us. Keep it up Kid.
    Ken and Dora

    1. Shannon Ford

      Hi Ken and Dora,

      Thank you for writing!

      What a thrill to hear from a fellow artist! Please say Hi to Maurice and Jeanette! Maybe Denis and I will be coming to AZ next year, it would be fun to meet you!

      How wonderful to know that you are still active creating art, I am sure everyone who you share it with is so happy!

      I appreciate your encouraging words, Thank you so much! Have a wonderful “winter” 🙂

      All my best


  5. Valerie Raymont

    Hi Shannon,

    Did you ever go to Ernest Manning High School in Calgary, in 1977 or 1978? I ask because I knew a Shannon Ford then, and you have the same hair color as she did too. Shannon and I were friends then.



    1. Shannon Ford

      Hi Valerie,

      How very wonderful to hear from you! Yes, I am that Shannon! I am eager to hear what you have been up to, and will send you an email!

      Thank you so much for connecting!

      XX Shannon

  6. Jennifer Lutterman

    I have been in awe of your work, for quite a while. You have such a unique color scheme that just excites me! I love it so! Great work…must have been a tough journey, as being somewhat of a rebel?? I wish to own one someday…..I just want to get some of your Christmas cards……God Bless you.

    1. Shannon Ford

      Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you for writing! I am thrilled to know you are enjoying my artwork.

      The journey has been one that has had some twists, as you can imagine! LOL 🙂

      You are so right! Colour excites me too, I love the experience of intuitively laying on these colour combinations, and find the surprises that are revealed along the way to be so amazing.

      There is a beautiful colour experience that I would like to share with you… A couple of years ago I visited a Gallery in Las Vegas where they had EVERY Warhol Marilyn framed and displayed side by side… I’m sure you know… These prints are very large and such bright colours. I walked up to the first and spent time feeling the effect the colours had on me, then I moved to the next print… same image with different colours… and felt that one… one after the other… all the way to the last print. Truly amazing colour experience!

      I really like your idea of Christmas Cards. I will look into Christmas Cards and will make sure to have them on my Website so you can get cards for this coming Christmas, That is a GREAT idea, Thank you!

      Thank you again for your support and encouragement! I appreciate your message and I look forward to hearing from you again.

      And, please Let me know if you see a painting you wish to collect and I will help you connect with the Gallery who is showing it.

      All my best


    1. Shannon Ford

      Hi Brigit,
      Thank you for your note, I appreciate hearing from you.

      I am excited to know that you enjoyed seeing my artwork at Mountain Galleries in Whistler! Watch for more, I am just now getting a new collection of paintings ready to deliver.

      I hope you had a great time in Whistler!

      All my best, Shannon

    1. Shannon Ford

      Hi Leslie,

      I appreciate you checking over my website, you are very kind! I am happy you enjoyed it, this new website is so much fun to create!

      What a pleasure to share my artwork with you, I am so happy to know may artwork speaks to you! Thank you,

      All my best


  7. Lori

    Hi There,
    I have seen your art work a lot.. and i just want to say how beautiful your work is…I was wondering if you could paint a picture of my horse for me if i sent you a picture.. I seen a picture of one of your horses , that i am interested in, are those the original paintings? Could you give me prices on your art work?
    Thank you,
    Hope to hear from you soon

    1. Shannon Ford

      Hi Lori,

      Thank you again for writing, and for your interest in my artwork! I enjoyed talking with you over email. If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know,

      All my best, Shannon

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