Can Hardly Bear It!

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See what I mean about Bears!  I was out for a little hike in the back mountains, and who do I come across?  The Cinnamon Bear… she was really careful to keep her distance, but I think next hike I will bring an air horn along with my sketchbook and camera.

Another bear painting is on its’ way!

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  1. Sarah Collison

    Dear Shannon,
    Last night my husband and I bought one of your bear paintings from Mountain Galleries. It is entitled ‘Grizzly Mood’ (36×18). I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him, he looks so kind.
    We currently live near San Diego on the coast but recently bought a condo in Whistler. In 5 years we are planning a permanent move to Whistler. Your painting will be hanging in our home in California until we move north. Grizzly bears aren’t typical southern Cal decor but i want to enjoy that painting every day.
    I would love to know a little more about the bear .
    Anyway, thank you . Your painting will be loved and admired for many, many years.
    Happy new year!

    1. Shannon Ford

      Hi Sarah, Thank you for writing and for collecting my artwork, Welcome to my family of Collectors! Grizzly Mood is an awesome piece, you are so right – there is a true kindness. I will send you a private email telling you more about the bears I paint. Thank you again for writing, I look forward to hearing more from you. All my best Shannon

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