Creating Beautiful Artwork of the Animals who Inspire me,

I hope my artwork brings joy to your day and helps you connect more deeply with animals, nature and the environment.

It is easy to sometimes go about our day without thinking about the land, water and air that we share with each other and with the animals and plants who live with us on our marvellous planet.

Every time I sit in front of a deer, or a wolf, or eagle, I feel such inspiration. and gratitude. Knowing how we have evolved together and realizing that now more than ever it is important for us to step up and take our place to protect our environment in whatever way we can.

Just like all of us, I am looking for ways to help make a difference.

Georgia Bay Herring Spawn

My efforts this year are again to bring attention to the Overfishing of the Georgia Strait Herring Spawn. This is very dear to me because we live on an Island where we watch firsthand the herring’s arrival on the waters of Denman Island, and spawning on our beaches.

Last year I contributed a photo to the local paper which helped to illustrate the clash of interests in this issue.

This year I am donating a painting to the fundraiser, it will be available at the Herring Festival in March 2020.

If you want to sign the Petition Click Here:

Yellowstone to Yukon:

A New involvement with Yukon to Yellowstone, I am hoping to partner with them to help with implementing this series of protected lands all connecting from the Yukon to Yellowstone, allowing safe passage for animals in their historic migrations. Click here:

Grizzly Bear Foundation

Everyone knows how much I love and respect Bears. After Moving to BC and becoming neighbours with bears, I started to study and paint them with even more focus and awareness. I am so happy to make a difference with my Bears, and I am excited that there is a foundation looking out for the wellbeing of Grizzlies.

Yay! I just became a Grizzly Guardian, and you can too! Funds raised go toward protecting Grizzlies, as well as an Educational Outreach program. Just click here: