Cadence Stables

Available Paintings Inspired by the Horses of Cadence Stables


Cadence Stables

Alberta, Canada

Tucked away in the beautiful foothills of Calgary Alberta, Cadence Stables has been training and boarding horses for over 20 years. Personalized care is provided at Cadence Stables for a limited number of horses either outdoors in sheltered paddocks or inside the heated barn. Cadence Stables offer a wide range of services, designed to meet the specific needs of our clients in a family friendly environment

I’ve known the folks at Cadence Stables for over 20 years and they have a stellar reputation for great care, training and breeding of fine horses.  I love going to visit, as the horses are all so happy and fun to interact with, which of course means they inspire wonderful paintings.

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 Archive of Collected Paintings Inspired by the Horses of Cadence Stables


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  1. Cathie

    Hi Shannon, do you have prints of the horses inspired at Cadence Stables. I would love to purchase this print as it looks exactly like a horse we just lost.
    Thank you
    Cathie Winter

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