Spanish Cross Ranch

Paintings Inspired by Andalusians of the Spanish Cross Ranch



Spanish Cross Ranch

British Columbia, Canada

Ciro BR lives just down the road from our ranch in Oliver BC.  D Bar K  is the where the Blue Eyed Perlino Stallion “Ciro BR” is standing at Stud.

The focus of Spanish Cross is on Andalusian, Lusitano and Azteca horses. And they are bringing some very important horses into Canada to breed with Ciro BR.

Can you imagine a horse like this, who is beautiful, loves to show off and whose owners call “Fabio”!  He is pure power, elegance and exuberance all at the same time.  To watch him turn on a dime, naturally Lavade and put on a show is such a pure delight to anyone who loves horses.

I have painted Ciro many times,   I find him very inspiring every time I get to see him.

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Standing at D Bar K Ranch in Oliver BC


Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 11.18.34 AMD-Bar-K-Ranch

Archive of Collected Paintings Inspired by Andalusians of the Spanish Cross Ranch


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  1. Victoria Souto

    Ciro is now in training with Rene Phillips,, in Castlegar BC. Spanish Cross Ranch will be proud to have Rene represent us at the Canadian and US Nationals in Aug. and Sept.
    He will be standing at stud at Spanish Cross Ranch Oliver BC spring 2017. We are also looking forward to a few little Ciros then as well.
    Thank you all for your support helping us in our cause to change S/P to their truly deserving name ” Iberian”.
    We look forward to hearing from all Ciros friends.
    Thank you everyone.

  2. Vikki Souto

    Hi Shannon
    He won’t be at DBarK much longer. Our ranch is up and running. Hope yours is too. How nice it is to have your horses at home with you. Love it.
    Thank you
    Vikki Souto

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