Available Domestic Animal Paintings

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  1. Gayle Boyce

    I ended up at your artwork by following Grifon leads. Beautiful work. But no Grifon’s…

    I am thinking about a Grifon for search and rescue work. I have been talking with Paulette at Razorsedge Kennels from Beaverlodge, Alberta.

    Do you gave any thoughts to share?

    1. Shannon Ford

      Hi Gayle, Thank you for your note! Katy Stuem has our dogs in the US, and she would be happy to help you with information… katy@griffonpoint.com Over the years a number of our Griffons have excelled as Search and Rescue dogs, Drug Dogs, etc. In fact, I would recommend Duffy McCabe as another option to find the right pup. His original dog was a superb search dog, so Duffy knows what to look for and I am sure he would be happy to help you out. http://www.thorncreekkennel.com/Thorn_Creek_Website/HOME.html All my best Shannon

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