Artist Statement

Having spent 30 years as an award winning Sculptor and Jeweler; I think it is from those years of working with the conceptual thought process of creating 3D work, and being inspired by the physical-space of sculpture that has formed the way that I see when I paint.

I am inspired by people and animals.   I have lived on farms and ranches most of my life so I have very often had a close-up view of the lifestyles of our precious wildlife.  Often I find these animals that I have gotten to know and understand emerging on my canvas.

Since I met my first horse at age three, I have been Horse Crazy… and living most of my life in horse country Alberta has certainly affected how I can express myself and explore the imagery of the horse and the use of gemstones through our current culture and through history.

Whether painting or sculpting or creating jewelry,  I integrate semi precious and precious gemstone, and precious metals.  Sometimes I even use “mountain rocks” if they fit the piece intended.  I enjoy the journey of each artwork with unexpected colour harmonies, expressive brush strokes, lines, gravity pulled drips and seemingly accidental abstract marks which pull together into a beautiful unexplainable image.  By using gemstones, reflection and texture on an actual physical surface, I can create an “indescribable feel” in art that communicates something beyond words, engaging the viewer.

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      Shannon Ford

      Hi Tim,

      Thank you for writing. Yes, I love painting Bison and will be adding a new bison painting for my solo show coming up at Mountain Galleries at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, this coming February 2022 (Valentines day) If you would like a preview, please feel free to contact Mountain Galleries – Thanks again Tim! Happy Holidays, All my best Shannon

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