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Shannon Ford, Bachelor of Fine Art (ACAD)

Brief Biography – 2020

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A natural born artist and an animal lover since childhood, Shannon Ford was born in Regina Saskatchewan, totally enchanted by the natural world.  She was raised on a farm west of Calgary where she grew up loving Art and knowing horses, cattle and wildlife.

Shannon paints in her oceanfront studio on Denman Isand, BC where she and her sweetheart Denis raise Mangalarga Marchador horses.

Best known for her intuitive bold contemporary painting style and her use of her hand made precious and semiprecious gemstone powers, Shannon gives credit to her intuition, imagination and dreams in guiding her painting process.

Shannon’s collectors value most the unique way her paintings appear well drawn and technically accurate from a distance while being free flowing, naturally abstract and infused with multiple colours when viewed from close up.  Shannon’s brushwork is unique and bold and expressive.

She binds her love for sculpture and gemstones with her love for painting by incorporating her own handmade precious and semiprecious gemstone powders (and sometimes even cut gemstones and 24 Karat Gold or Palladium) to create paintings with a unique quality of surface, light and colour; capturing more deeply the true essence and beauty of the subject she is painting.

Through her passion for nature and conservation, Shannon is constantly learning more deeply about the animals she portrays, and is eager to connect with those who are like minded.

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  1. Marie Fletcher

    Hi Shannon,

    Your paintings are so beautiful. I love the grizzly bear paintings the most. The paintings are beyond my budget but am wondering if you have art prints available? Thanks for your help. Maybe someday I will have one of your paintings! Thank you

  2. Leann Gervais

    I love your work. Beautiful!! I recently bought one of your paintings and admire it every day. It’s of a deer. She reminds me our our dog Juni.
    Thank you for your creativity and sharing it, a true pleasure.

    1. Post
      Shannon Ford

      Hi Leann, Thank you for writing, and thank you for collecting one of my paintings! I am so excited to Welcome you to my family of collectors, I hope your deer brings you so much joy in the years to come! I love that your deer reminds you of your dog Juni! It is my pleasure to share my artwork with you, Thank you again for writing, it is a joy to hear from you! Happy Holidays! All my best, Shannon

  3. Delilah Davis

    Love the use of color and the accuracy of the emotion of the horse. It is not strained or over the top, but just right. They are creatures of the heart and we are lucky to be their partners in riding or in life. You advertise well for them and for yourself. If you ever give a class way down here in the USA at Arrowmont in Gatlinburg TN I would love to come. I am a fellow horse artist with years of awe of their lives.

    1. Post
      Shannon Ford

      Hi Delilah, Thank you for writing! I am thrilled to meet a fellow horse artist! And, I appreciate your comments on my artwork, yes – for me accuracy of anatomy is important but I am inspired by more than just anatomy in each painting. Thank you for asking about classes – the truth is that don’t have time to teach any more, though I receive many inquiries. I hope you have a wonderful year of painting in 2018! All my best Shannon

  4. Holly Sypher

    I love your paintings and it would be very nice to get to know your inspirations and art surroundings based on the painting “Unspoken Understanding”. Thankyou

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