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  1. B Dempsey

    Hi Shannon,
    It was such a pleasure and reward to meet you at your Calgary Stampede booth.

    Your ability to capture each compositions personality and demeanour is amazing.

    Standing to reflect on each piece of your work is to reflect on, recall and realize the character of each being and its nature in the moment.

    Your work is truly sensational, beautiful and an amazing dynamic of colours, depth and dimension.

    The semi and precious gems and mediums you use contribute a unique to your work, distinct, one of a kind and individual effect.

    Truly inspirational.

    Peace be with you and yours in Body, Mind and Spirit.

    1. Post
      Shannon Ford

      Thank you so much for writing! I am happy to know that you enjoyed my display at the Calgary Stampede, it is such a great show! It is my pleasure to share my artwork with you! Yes, the gem powders are such a great way for me to continue my use of gemstones from my years as a jeweller and metalsmith, and they add an unexplainable essence to the paintings. Maybe I will see you at an upcoming show or two, if you are in Calgary you can watch for my artwork at Gainsborough Galleries , and I often come to openings there if you wish to come celebrate art one afternoon. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness, I enjoyed your comment, All my best Shannon

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