Is That A Horse in the Gallery?

Shannon Ford Solo Show Sept 12 – Oct 12 2014 at  The Lloyd Gallery

Wow, what a show!  16 new paintings AND Guests of Honour Dr. David Ward (of the Fairview Arabian Stud) and Daryl Gibb (Daryl Gibb Horsemanship) and his Quarter Horse Cowboy (Caviatta Cee Bee Flit)


Special thanks to everyone who came out to the Opening to Celebrate the Horse and Horse Lovers!  And, with thanks to The Lloyd Gallery for letting me follow my dream and for your support over these years!  Having a horse actually come into the Gallery was a dream come true!

Thank you to The Penticton Herald, and to Shaw TV (with Wayne McDougall) for the wonderful way you shared my story with our community!

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  1. Leanne Jones

    Hi Shannon. I absolutely love your work !
    I was just bidding on a beautiful hand made blanket by you and lost out with literally seconds left in the online auction. Needless to say I am very disappointed.
    The blanket was to be a gift for my horse crazy grand daughter. I’m not sure if you do the blankets often but I would love the opportunity to buy one.
    Regards , Leanne

  2. Rob Reid

    Incredible works of art! I love horses, dogs and almost all animals. Being in the city may hinder my joy of horses somewhat but would love to see your works one day in Edmonton!

    1. Post
      Shannon Ford

      Hi Rob,

      Thank you for writing and for your enthusiasm for my artwork! I am thrilled to know you are enjoying my artwork. LOL Yes, hard to have a horse in the city for certain! There is a Gallery fairly close to Edmonton, if you are in Jasper some time, Mountain Galleries at the Jasper Park Lodge will welcome your visit. Sometimes it is amazing to see a painting “in person” there is a lot going on in my artwork, surface treatments, abstract elements, some of these are not evident in photos so seeing them up close can be so much fun! If I can answer any questions, feel free to contact me. All my best Shannon

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