Available Portraits and Figurative Paintings

Available Figurative Paintings,
For detailed information, please contact the Gallery who is displaying the painting

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  1. Joanne Merrick

    What a Blessing for all who view your fine work.
    Just stunning.
    I will put you up there with my favorite Canadian artists. David Goatley, friend and fabulous portrait artist painter, is my number 1 favorite.
    I am a Canadian sculptor but live in Beautiful Oregon, US.

    1. Shannon Ford

      Hi Joanne, Thank you for such a wonderful compliment to my artwork! David Goatley is a phenomenon! Would love to see your artwork, where would I find it? Thanks again for writing, so great to meet you! All my best Shannon

  2. Judy Adam

    I am so in awe of your talents and would love to keep viewing your pieces and hope they inspire me to get back into my sketching as I did love it so but let it slip away far too long! You are so talented Shannon. An amazing artist of do many a variety of works ?

    1. Shannon Ford

      Hi Judy, Thank you for writing! I am thrilled to know you are loving my artwork, and happy to know they inspire you! How great to meet a fellow artist! It is my pleasure to share with you, I hope you come back to my website often to visit and see my newest paintings! All my best Shannon

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