Doing the Math

Shannon Ford About Horses, Saddle Rock Meadows

Hey!  I can’t believe that I have never spent time with a Mule… after meeting a couple at Saddle Rock Meadows Ranch, I am so eager to learn more about Mules!  The two I met were so sweet and gentle!  So… Watch for More Mule Paintings…

Are you curious about the reason for the title

and did you notice the math equations painted on her cheek?

While I was petting this mule, the horse trainers were driving up with grain to catch the horses they wanted to ride that day… The mule and I stood together while I scratched her and the entire time, she intently watched while the trainers came toward us on the road…
and it was like she was calculating in her head how long she could
stay and have her neck scratched before having to start walking to get grain.
Believe it or not, she timed it perfectly and they were just getting out of the
gater with the grain when she arrived, and she was actually the first to get her nose in the bucket.

Her math calculations were perfect!  Mules are SMART!

So, the first mule I have met has me wanting to paint her again!

Thank you to her owners for allowing me to paint this Marvelous girl!