Unspoken Understanding Prints Ready

Shannon Ford About Horses, Arabians, The Lloyd Gallery, Warren Park Stud

I was at The Lloyd Gallery last week to sign the most recent group of Unspoken Understanding prints!  Every time I sign one, I have such a wave of gratitude that I get to share this beautiful image with so many Art Lovers through the wonder of technology!

They are created for us by a fellow Artist who has such an amazing colour sense, that he can duplicate the colour nuances of the original painting.  Accuracy of this magnitude is not an easy thing and if you have ever seen one of my original paintings you know how many nuances there are in my artwork!   So I send big thanks to him for allowing us to offer prints of this quality!

With Thanks to The Lloyd Gallery for publishing this edition, and for handling the prints, for helping Art Lovers find the print they want, and for your attention to every detail of shipping to ensure the prints arrive safely and quickly in their new homes!  Your excitement and support for my artwork has been such a gift to me, and I am so happy to be working with you.

And, with Thanks to all of those who have fallen in love with this image and brought one of my prints into your homes!  I am so happy that you love Unspoken Understanding as much as I do… there is something about this horse that really speaks to what it is like to have that “Unspoken Understanding”  in a human/horse connection.   I am so thrilled to know it is being enjoyed, and cherished.  http://lloydgallery.com/ford/ford.htm

The Stallion “WP Aur Jessie James” has inspired a few paintings, he was bred by Sandy Warren of Sangar, California, and is a part of a 50 year legacy of breeding the finest in CMK Arabians… Sandy’s horse are simply sublime in all ways, in kindness, intelligence and willingness, in beauty and athleticism… and in that “Arabian Essence” that is so special about the breed!   You can see more paintings inspired by the Warren Park Arabians here:  https://shannonford.ca/inspirations/warren-park-stud-fresno-california/  And, you can visit the website here:  http://www/warrenparkstud.com