Horse Power to be on Permanent Display at Vancouver Children’s Hospital

Shannon Ford Art in the Community, Quote

I thought you might enjoy reading this… beautifully written by Marjo Thompson of The Lloyd Gallery

About “Horse Power” – donated to the Vancouver Children’s Hospital , for permanent display in the new wing (currently under construction) .

“This painting entitled “Horse Power” celebrates the intense energy emanating from a horse in full gallop, rivaling and racing against the clockwork–the cogs and numbers breaking out in all directions under the horse’s head as the willpower and tenacity of the horse here races against time.

“Time may under normal circumstances be unexceptional, calculated and unvarying but for a family and child overcoming an illness, time is anything but regular. The horse is racing to give a boost of energy and rattle the clockwork of time a little to help the children and families who need it most win their race.

“The painting is best viewed through 3D glasses, as all the cogs and numbers and clock parts fly out towards the viewer, about 40-50cm (1.5 feet) in front of the painting! ”