Plein Air – September 19th to October 4th, 2015 at Chazou Contemporary Art Gallery

Shannon Ford About Horses, Plein Air Astride

"Rosa at the Walk"

“Rosa at the Walk”

First time for one of my “Plein Air Astride” paintings to be on Exhibition!

Thank you curator Tricia Selmer for your interest in these works!

I am so honoured to be invited to exhibit with Chazou Contemporary Art Gallery in Kamloops BC.

“Rosa at the Walk” 30 X 72, Acrylic on Canvas with Diamond Dust
In the juried show “Plein Air” curated by Tricia Selmer

I enjoy both connectedness and freedom when astride one of our horses … To explore that sense of the horse and human, connected yet separate, each influencing the other – unified into one… is evolving a series of equine paintings more purely defined by the conceptual and abstract.

And, if you were to stand beside this painting, I hope you could imagine yourself in this landscape of breath and muscle, astride your own horse feeling the gait as you study the subtleties created by the movement of her body, as the brush travels along the canvas.

Plein Air September 19th to October 4th, 2015

Opening September 19 from 6 to 9pm, Everyone Welcome!

Chazou Contemporary Art
791 Victoria St
Kamloops, B.C.
Canada, V2C 2B5