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Welcome to the Shannon Ford Fine Art blog, here I will be sharing info and thoughts on my artwork, on my process…and on what inspires me.

I am a Canadian Artist, living in Western Canada (Alberta and British Columbia)  painting fulltime with a background of metalsmithing, sculpture and jewellery.  As a career artist, I graduated from the Alberta College of Art (twice!)….

And… we have a ranch in the Okanagan Valley of BC, on which we raise Mangalarga Marchador horses, and have Highland Cattle, and other various farm animals… these and the many wild animals in our area frequently show up in my paintings… and I will share some of the photos of them, too, so you can share the joy I feel in interacting with these wonderful animals.

I invite you to explore my blog, and to share your ideas and feedback.

Please feel free to visit my webpage

With gratitude and appreciation, Shannon