Fairview Arabian Stud

Available Paintings inspired by the CMK Arabians of Fairview Arabian Stud


 Archive of collected works below:

Fairview Arabian Stud

Okanagan Falls,
British Columbia, Canada

Dr. David Ward DVM of the Fairview Arabian Stud is a world class preservation breeder of the CMK bloodline of Arabian. Fairview Arabians are now with breeders around the world.

I am so lucky to live almost next door to these high calibre, Exquisite and Athletic Arabians.

The Fairview Arabians are often inspiring paintings for me, and fact, have been an inspiration for some of my Master Works.  Over the years I had the opportunity to board a few of the Fairview geldings and to paint them while they were here living with us on our ranch.

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Archive of Collected Paintings Inspired by the Arabians of the Fairview Arabian Stud (paintings no longer available)


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