Now Collected, Grizzly in Pipestone VI

Shannon Ford bears, Beyond Just Bears, Mountain Galleries, wildlife

This started off as a normal bear painting, but look what happened!

Now collected, with thanks to Mountain Galleries for representing me.

I wish to Welcome the Collector of Grizzly in Pipestone #6 to my Family of Collectors! Thank you for choosing one of my paintings to live with! I hope this painting brings you and your family so much enjoyment!

And for everyone who is taking the time to visit my website and my Facebook page to look at my artwork, Thank you! I appreciate your interest and I am happy to bring you paintings that add a little sparkle to your day!

I appreciate everything that Mark and Dawn Dumas (and Billy) of Beyond Just Bears have helped me to learn about bears, can’t wait to see the bears that come off my easel next!


Shannon Ford, Grizzly in Pipestone 6, 60 X 60, Acrylic on Canvas