Daryl Gibb Horsemanship

Available Paintings Inspired by Daryl Gibb with Horses


Available Prints Inspired by Daryl Gibb with Horses

Print: Smooth Gallop on a Young Horse Inspired by the young horse “FV Silver Sage” a CMK Arabian of the Fairview Arabian Stud being trained by Daryl Gibb – Prints Available: Giclee on Canvas Available: 36 X 60 for $1600  Available through The Lloyd Gallery PENTICTON, BC email: art@lloydgallery.com 1-250-492-4484



 Archive of Collected Paintings Inspired by Daryl Gibb and his Horses (paintings no longer available)


Daryl Gibb Horsemanship

British Columbia, Canada

Daryl Gibb has been training horses for over 25 years and long ago gained the reputation of being very successful with “problem horses”.  Daryl has become well-known for easily accepting each rider and their horse just as they are’ and helps the rider find success with their chosen discipline, no matter what it is.  His quiet confidence engages horse owners and his encouragement allows people to feel supported and valued for the skills they do have.  He hopes to help people open their eyes, and their minds, to see horses for what they are – horses; and how to work with them more successfully for the partnership that is desired.

I find it amazing to just sit and watch Daryl Gibb working with young horses, and he and his horses inspire my paintings.  In fact, I have an entire series (On a Young Horse) based on Daryl Gibb educating FV Silver Sage, who is an Arabian from the Fairview Arabian Stud .

To watch Daryl and his horse Cowboy working together in order help young horses learn easily and quickly … truly is amazing!!

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Below is a video of Daryl and his horse Cowboy as Guests of Honour at my Solo Show “Is That a Horse in the Gallery” at The Lloyd Gallery in Penticton , BC.  With thanks to Shaw TV and Wayne McDougall for such a great news story!

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