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  1. Rodney Tessier

    Hi Shannon, I have a print that’s called isolation it’s limited 10/10 signed
    S. Ford. I was just wondering if you created this beautiful print.

  2. Gail Steeves

    I’m staying at the JPL and found a Jump for Joy limited edition at the Mountain Gallery. It’s not named, signed or numbered.

    How do I know that it really is one of your limited editions?

    1. Shannon Ford

      Hi Gail, Thank you for writing. I am excited that you liked Jump for Joy! Yes, Mountain Galleries represents me and is authorized to offer special edition reproductions of Jump for Joy and a select few other paintings. If you are purchasing with Mountain Galleries, it is authentic and authorized. I hope this helps, all my best, Shannon

  3. Marcy Wright

    I just saw your work, “Happy Stallion”, in the Chronicle. The painting is mesmerizing, enchanting, with unique depths and richness of colors. I love the abstract , free flowing colorful dynamics. The horse paintings seem, rather than being a literal representation, are more the “essence of” interpretation. That takes a great artist.

    I am very interested in a commissioned piece – of my personality plus Ukranian WB, Oskar. Would you consider such a piece? I hope so! We live and play in the foothills of the Blue Ridge in western North Carolina.

    1. Shannon Ford

      Thank you for writing. I am so happy that you connect with and enjoy my artwork. Yes, my paintings are more about the essence or spirit and are more interpretive… However, I have a love for form and anatomy, so I love the representational aspect as well. When you see one of my paintings up close, you will probably be amazed at how abstract and expressive they are up close… yet when you step back from the painting it all comes together. Your horse Oskar must be amazing! and your place in the foothills sounds wonderful! All my best Shannon

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